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topic posted Sat, March 15, 2008 - 6:11 PM by  Jon
So, I've gotten better at creating sigils, but I wonder if I'm charging them properly. I understand that I'm supposed to charge a sigil with a mentally or emotionally powerful release. What I've been doing is some kundalini yoga breathing exercises culminating in a powerful exhale somewhat like the "kiai" yell used in martial arts(though not as loud, since I live in an apartment complex). Does this sound sufficient for charging a sigil?

Moreover, I was wondering about what I should be focusing on. In that moment, should I be focusing on the sigil itself, or the purpose behind it? What I've been doing is picturing the purpose during the buildup, and then getting a clear image of the sigil at the moment of release.

Also, do I need to worry about creating too many sigils at once? I must've made at least 4 or 5 today.
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    The Kiai empties your mind when you do it properly. If this type of breathing you are doing does the same, then IMO, yes.

    It seems to me that the idea is to either empty the mind completely, or overload it so that it purges and becomes empty. In that instant, you focus on the sigil.

    Would you care to share the nuts and bolts of your breathing technique? Have you fired sigils like this before? What were your results? Was the reaction positive?

    Everything sounds fine to me. I would suggest focusing on the sigil and not the purpose behind it as the construction of the sigil is a technique to make the conscious mind forget the purpose behind the sigil. It would seem to defeat the purpose of the sigil if you were to focus on the purpose.

    Most important, you should forget about the purpose and the work itself after it is done.

    Make as many sigils as you want, this may even help you forget which one is which and what the purposes behind them were, but, your subconscious will remember. In fact, doing many sigils in a day and keeping them in a box until they can be fired later is a technique that many magicians use for this purpose. You could also fire as many a day as you can handle, but, I would suggest making sure you can produce good gnosis on each so that you do not waste the sigil.

    I would like to hear more about your yogic technique, would you be so kind as to post clear and simple instructions for the rest of us?
    • The breathing exercise is called "breath of fire." It's basically a kind of hyperventilation through the nose in a certain yogic posture.
      • Breath of fire is an excellent practice and can certainly be used to charge sigils. But the bottom line is... does it work for you?
        • "But the bottom line is... does it work for you?"

          Well, I just started doing this a couple days ago, so I'll have to see how those sigils play out.
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        I am familiar with the technique, and I've tried it a couple times.

        It is my understanding that you should not do this often.
    • Hyperventilation could work to empty the mind- but isnt it more fun to bring oneself to Orgasm?

      Anyhoo you can't imagine something if you are looking at it- however the moment of high amtion or bliss or numbness the eyes absorb information- then the closing of the eyes and the casting off an anihilation of original desire and destruction of Sigil.

      Another method which is more long term is to have the sigil in aplace you see often- after a while it dissapears and becomes active- no unlike a STOP sign
  • If you ever get a piercing done, the moment when the needle goes in and your mind blanks for a few seconds is a great time to charge a sigil (especially if you're scared of needles).
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      i read in Taylor's book of one of the authors of that particular chapter using the brain freeze technique, you know when you eat ice cream too fast or drink a cold drink and that achy feeling you get for a few seconds.
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      Yeh, your mind actually goes blank a lot. It's probably a good idea to carry some sigils around with you.

      Maybe you will see some girl and your mind will go blank. Maybe, a car crash will happen in front of you, etc etc etc.

      If you really examine the "shooting star" wish thing, do you think maybe it is a hint that you should have a sigil with you to take advantage of the blankness in your mind when you see a random shooting star?
  • Simple question. Are your sigils bringing you what you desire? If they are, stop worrying. If they're not try a different method.
    • Nitrous Oxide!
      with a companion is that someone will remember to Flash the sigil in your face when you fall into the void of smiles!
      • makes a great theme for a gathering....
        everyone brings their sigils...
        merriment ensues...
        inhale nitrous....exhale mind!
        then sigils all around....doesn't even have to be yours...
        (trading sigils allows for total un-knowing of their goals, and thus better bypass of rational interference)

        you cannot help but banish with laughter!
        everyone forgets that a ritual happened at all!
        chaperone is useful to keep things on track
        until all sigils are fired...

        then its time to kick back and play with your nipples (or your neighbor's)
        • "makes a great theme for a gathering....
          everyone brings their sigils...
          merriment ensues...
          inhale nitrous....exhale mind!"

          I love this idea. I think I'll hop over to ebay and order some whippets.
  • Sounds fine by me

    I have found that obnoxious television is a great way to charge sigils. You can just space out on some empty sitcom, or watch HSN, becoming building my reviling of the selling, until I can just pour all of it into a sigil. good times.

    You are doing just fine Jon.