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Has anyone here heard of this?

Instant magick for everyone has a new flavor with the matrix computer
interface for your Personal Cosmic Secretary. If you liked to perform
instant magick with legendary O5 or the latest Personal Cosmic
Secretary, this upgrade is for you! The package contains the Personal
Cosmic Secretary initiation along with the principles of O5. Ideal for
anyone but especially those interested in instant magick and clearing.

RTRRT - The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools Suite of Instant Magick

Why suffer "bad transits" when one can enjoy eternal good karma?

Copyright (c) 2006 -2007 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools suite is led by a mental
technique of Tibetan origin known as O5. O5 is specialist in
discreation or the dissolving of negative experience. Discreation
prepares a clear slate for creation. In RTRRT we recommend the
treasure chart as result of careful planning as well as goal setting.
The treasure chart is the exact representation of the personal future
you are creating. It is of major importance to have it at hand when
creating events after a successful discreation of the negativity. The
treasure chart is also important in prayer and as such in the
intercommunication with one's Personal Cosmic Secretary, since it
focuses our aspirations, prayers and intent.

With O5 one can "Snow Crash" any event in record time, meaning that
one materializes whatever one decides. Design your future, make a
clear blueprint, decree as well as intent a positive issue and watch
the result materialize in record time right before your eyes.

Novices will like to make great use of Cascade, probably the easiest
RTRRT technique in use nowadays. Cascade is especially efficient in
urban environment where seconds decide the issue. With Cascade you can
meet appropriate or predefined persons, pass well-guarded doors, move
through crowded areas, find a guide, arrange for an interview, receive
clearance from the authorities as well as pass through any
bureaucratic procedure.

As one starts experimenting with O5 and Cascade, one's true mind
starts emerging. This mind is magickal as opposed to default daily
mind. True mind triumphs in the advent of the Personal Cosmic
Secretary, a "thin interface to God" as it has been called. The P.C.S.
not only grants every wish come true but also organizes one's day in
optimum sequence, downloading positive events from the astral domain
and into one's life in surprisingly harmonious yet highly inventive
ways. If "the ways of God are strange" they can be explored with your
Personal Cosmic Secretary.

The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools include True Mind Distiller for
O5 Masters, snow Crash, W.H.I.M., Mentat and Bogeyman techniques for
advanced initiate. The RTRRT are available through our publications as
well as live delivery on special request.

Klaudio Zic
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    Thu, June 17, 2010 - 9:33 AM
    can't say I have heard of this, and it sounds hilarious.

    I have heard of instant magic though, and use it often.
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      Tue, June 22, 2010 - 6:43 AM
      tell me more about instant magic? like you close your eyes, and then you open them, and its there?
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        Tue, September 7, 2010 - 1:38 PM
        >>>like you close your eyes, and then you open them, and its there?<<<

        No, more like you form a strong intent and project it (mentally) into the near future in the confidence that it will appear on schedule. It's hard to describe the state of consciousness from which this will work, but when you find it you'll know it. It's the final process of alchemy, that when you have formulated the Stone (the power of your own consciousness) you can then "project" the desired result symbolized by the transmutation of metals. I recommend a book by Catherine MacCoun titled, "On Becoming an Alchemist: A Guide for the Modern Magician." An online friend recommended it to me and I got a copy from my local library. I have never seen the subject handled with such clarity, depth and effectiveness. Instead of muddled code language and abstruse metaphors, she presents the basic principles and follows these with a seven step process including Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Sublimation and Radiation (her word for the traditional term "Projection.")

        In addition, she explains the terms quite clearly in the context of the Inner Alchemy and gives very shrewd advice on how to handle each step, how to recognize the source of the emotions you are feeling in each stage and how to use them effectively to attain the goal.

        I am taking extensive notes on this book and will be buying a copy for myself as soon as I get my next paycheck.

        With love under will,

        Bob, Adastra,
        The Wizzard of Jacksonville
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        Wed, September 8, 2010 - 9:44 AM
        "like you close your eyes, and then you open them, and its there?"

        no, that would be the empty handed gesture. It's slight different.

        Instant magic is magic done for small things, when you have little or no preparation, tools, or anything else that people like to use so much.

        Basically if you were naked on a desert island, this is the magic to use.

        Instant magic works better when you are more secure in your magical paradigm(s) and skills, whatever they may be.

        Words of power, or certain small gestures, or, trained visualization, quick prayers or utterances, the ability to enter a light trance state where you can access those infinite cosmic powers, etc are various forms of instant magic. No extended and complex rituals, no specially made and magic'ed tools, just whatever works for you.

        I don't recommend this for long term goals, unless it is something you put some effort into every day, and even then I recommend following it with something longer lasting.
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          Wed, September 8, 2010 - 8:31 PM
          >>>when you have little or no preparation, tools, or anything else that people like to use so much.<<<

          The one that I find most useful is to decide which element the effect I am looking for will fit in with. Then I use a finger to air-draw a pentagram of that element, either banishing or evoking as appropriate. I particularize the pentagram with the sigil of the Fixed Sign of that element, traced in the center of the pentagram. Then I charge it with the Three Great Secret Holy Names of God for the desired element. I point my finger at the center of the pentagram and strongly vibrate the Names. Then I turn away from the task and focus my attention on something else so that I lose the memory of whatever it was I just did. By the time I think of it again, the effect has usually manifested. It works great--for me at any rate. I like to call this "quick and dirty magidk." And it is quick, though the "dirty" part is more of a joke.

          With love under will,

          Bob, Adastra,
          The Wizzard of Jacksonville